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Healthy hols. November 16, 2011

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It took me two minutes exactly from the bottom of the 199 steps to the well placed collapse-upon grave…. a long walk on a windswept beach, picking up pebbles and dodging the waves and then of course 32 steps to the top floor toilet in the house. (there are other toilets but I’m taking my step training seriously – or was until Annie worked out on paper how many times I’d have to go to the toilet to make 199 steps or thereabouts – at which point I poured another glass of wine and decided it wasn’t a suitable training method as for every 32 steps i climbed I’d have the respite of coming down before re-ascending).

All in all a lovely day..and what with that and all the yummy healthy food Annie makes- (she’ll never convert me to vegetarianism but she can make me eat double helpings of pretty much anything she cooks) I think this could be a fairly healthy holiday. I’m pretty sure the exercise will be outweighing the wine and chocolate and cakes…and….

…well…. I feel another 199 steps coming on.

The other thing I’m getting plenty of which I suspect I need is sleep. I so need my sleep…. eight hours preferably… nine in winter when the hibernation urge is upon me.

The place we’ve ended up in has four bedrooms, twice as many as we expected to have and when we arrived we each very sensible took a bedroom on the first floor… each with its own en suite dontcha know.

But then I re-explored the top floor, its all slanty floors and ceilings, wood and beams and painted blue and it feels like being in a ship… so I moved all my stuff I’d just unpacked and took a smaller room.

It means I have a floor to myself… and a bathroom too.  It also means that when I lie in bed at night with my window just ajar (the way I like it) I can hear the wind and the waves and in the morning the gulls and the chugging of the boats pootling out of harbour…. above my bed is a skylight and when the clouds are blown away I can lie and look at the stars.

I’m hoping it’ll rain whilst we’re here… because if theres anything I like more than the sound of wind and waves  it’s the sound of wind and waves and rain on a window…. its worth losing the stars for….well only on a temporary basis.

They’re also the sounds of childhood… okay not the waves or the chugging fishing boats but I grew up in the wild west (west coast of Lancashire – Blackpool to be exact) but the sound of wind and rain and seagulls make me feel at home… feeling like a child brings its own comforts… and comforts and sleep, windy beaches, good food, and not forgetting good company bring their own sort of healing.


Back to Brighton July 21, 2011

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On Sunday the boy and I drove down to Brighton, we went clockwise round the M25 as I suspected the Dartford Crossing would impress him (it did).

We signed in at the hotel (literally five minutes walk from the Nuffield) only to find the large sunny room with a view of the Downs and distant sea that we’d booked had a blocked toilet and had to move to a pokey room with a delightful view of the fire escape and carpark. But a bed is a bed.

Off then to visit Jane and Tash turned up at virtually the same time, closely followed by fellow blogger Lucy Melford (and the film crew were in evidence) so it was quite a party by Janes bedside.

Monday was very much  a day for the boy. He decided that on a rainy windy day the thing he’d most like to do was go to the seaside. So we popped into see Jane and then caught the number 22 bus down into Brighton. Much of the day was stood on a very windswept beach, watching the red flag flapping and throwing stones into the waves.  This activity was interspersed with my insistance on eating fish and chips (in the warm), eating doughnuts (under cover) and sticking 2ps into machines (on the pier in the dry). Rafe developed an interesting system on the 2p cascade slot machines of watching for people putting lots of money in and not winning anything at which point he baggsed their position and fed 2ps in as fast as he could (to bamboozle the machine)…. we of course came away 2p less but two quid kept us in the warm and dry quite a while.

Monday night we had a different room as they had another large sunny (or would have been on a different day)room with a four poster and a view…. this was probably the high point of our visit.

As all will be revealed……



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