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top notch twat January 10, 2015

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I’ve been meaning to start blogging again for a while and what better to start with than Britain First (yup I’m easing back into my blog by knocking down some low hanging fruit).

Today the brave biffer patriots are out in Basildon Essex, all wearing their biffer fleeces except for Paul Golding. His is NOT a biffer fleece, it’s a biffer fleece with a piece of paper over the BF logo – on the paper it says ‘CENSORED’ – FACT. (sorry…I got a flash of cap lock fury there).

Some of you may know that last Monday Mr Golding was in court being done for wearing a political uniform under the 1936 Public Order Act…a little know and even less used bit of law.

Now here he is in Basildon whinging about having his rights taken away because every other political party is allowed to wear their party sweat shirts and merchandise and he’s not.

What Paulie doesn’t seem to grasp (amongst many other things) is that ‘other’ political parties don’t base their logo on military and royal regalia, which is why his is the only party being chased by the Home Office and his is the only face stuck to a dartboard in the Queens downstairs khazie. (okay, maybe not the ONLY one).

But it’s not just a bit of embroidery that makes the BF fleece into a political uniform… there must be something else.

What could it be that militarises peoples image of biffer merch and not say a bunch of young Liberals wearing orange sweatshirts?

Let me think….

Could it be that Britain First split the country up into regional divisions and each division has a battalion….hmmmm?

Could it be that each area has a RCO (Regional Commanding Officer)?

Maybe it’s their eagerness to give each other nice shiny medals at every opportunity.

Or the rousing (but copyright breaching) music they use on their videos.

Perhaps its the armoured land-drovers they have. complete with camo netting and (illegally used) windscreen meshes?

Oooooh…could it be that they go on patrol in their armoured vehicles and use them to intimidate the ‘civilians’.

If all they had was a slightly militaristic logo that hadn’t been ripped off and they all shambled just round shopping centres giving out leaflets wearing it I ‘think’ they could have got away with it.

But that’s Pauls problem (one of them anyway) that when he doesn’t get away with something. When he gets busted for harrassment or wearing a uniform or going off piste at a demo he doesn’t put his hands up and say fair cop… he whines that everyone is out to get him and that another boy over there is doing it and he doesn’t think thats what he’s actually doing anyway.

Meanwhile in Basildon today he says the rest of the activists are wearing their merch… but he’s not allowed to.

Strange that in their group photograph this afternoon there’s just one brave patriot in the middle showing off his biffer regalia, complete with Royal crest and crown. Good man… standing up for what he believes in…. or maybe he just doesn’t own another coat because he’s given all his money to Paulie to spend on erm…. whatever Paulie spends money on. (pies is my best guess)



well fuck me sideways…. September 3, 2012

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Did I tell you I’m starting a massage course in a couple of weeks?


Well…I’m starting a massage course in a couple of weeks at my local college…evening class…come away hopefully with a level 3 thing with lots of letters…NCVQTI…oh… the QTI is something else…well…its a qualification of sorts.

My sticking point arrived this week when a letter arrived making me feel like a school kid telling me what I could and couldn’t wear for practical classes. I decided to just go along with it… not make a fuss…. no… not even about the screaming sexual inequality of  ‘students’ having to go with a pre-decided uniform (it has a diagonal fastening in turquoise) and the ‘male students’ (I suspect night classes won’t be much in the way of a pick up joint for me)… can have a ‘professional tunic’ – non-specified.

But…I’m ignoring that… just ordering what’s recommended and hopefully getting through the course.

So I’m a bit late getting uniform sorted…think I’ll order by phone… hate buying clothes mail order as unlike most women I rarely have much of an idea what size will fit me. I had a lovely phone conversation with the girl on the phone… told her I’m old… I’ve no idea what size I am as I’ve recently lost a couple of stone but can give her my measurements.. see what she thinks.

She in turn rings her sewing department and comes back and tells me that other than my waist measurement I’m a size 10… so how about we do a size 12 to be on the safe side as thats what my waist measurement is?

Are you sure? I says.


I check their returns policy and order a size 12 tunic and trousers.

I guess thats consistant with size 14 stuff needing pinning and me being able to take off my Next size 16 jeans without unfastening them.. but gosh.

Gosh indeed.

I await my uniform with interest.



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