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post steroid slump March 20, 2013

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The weather and I, it would seem are somehow at one… gone is the Spring sunshine of yesterday, the warmth, the blue sky sparkling on the river… here today is iron grey cloud, bone chilling cold and snowy flurries.

Yesterday was all the enthusiasm and energy I could muster, pushing myself to walk the dog, to be up and active, look after the boy, to cook a meal, make those calls.

Today is my post steroid phase… eugh. Flat and exhausted.

A night of wakefulness and sweats and sudden dashes to the toilet in the wee (and poo) small hours of the night.

Thank goodness I got some things moving over the last couple of days because today is fatigue filled… the thought of eating let alone cooking is a mountain to climb. The idea of getting dressed and walking out of the house is enough to make me put my head back under the covers.

Yesterday optimism… today…how will I ever cope on my own?

I will.

How will all these complicated applications and plans all pull together?

But they will.

But yanno….its just a darned sight easier to envision it on my good days.

edited to just add…. just had a call back from local MacMillan nurses – brilliant!



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