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Backfill. April 10, 2010

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Almost a month without posting…a mixture of forgetfulness and keeping my head down and just trying to get on with life without thinking about the tricky stuff.

We’ve had an anniversary… John/Jane and I have been together seven years. We met on the steps of Aldeburgh lifeboat station on a sunny windswept day in April, actually on my birthday….but we always count our anniversary as the first of  April a week before we met which is the first time we spoke.

I’ve had a birthday…my 43rd….less said about that the better. I dislike birthdays in the same way i dislike Christmas…they hardly ever live up to the expectation. Wonderful days just happen…they are very rarely planned. And even more rarely correspond with birthdays.

We’ve been to buy my engagement ring (photo no doubt to come)…I found it the day after we got engaged….but wanted to be sure it was the right one so looked at lots of others. We havn’t looked for Janes yet.

On the Jane front, she’s had ears pierced,  bought her first bra (mostly in anticipation) and stuck on her first hormone patch.

She woke up all tingly this morning.

I woke up grumpy.

I wake up grumpy most mornings, I don’t think I’m coping very well at the moment.

I guess thats normal enough.



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