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these things are sent to try us…. February 27, 2013

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My memory being one of them.

I forgot to take my fifth mornings steroids and didn’t remember I’d forgotten until the early evening; at which point I rang the hospital and they suggested leaving them until the next morning…or face a very sleepless night.

So… I did as they suggested and took them this morning and am now having a mere sleepless night tonight instead.

The other thing sent to try me in my non-steroid slump was the central heating deciding to pack up again. Remember… we had a system flush and a new pump just before Christmas? The new pump siezed and so in my post chemo, feeling the cold, feeling miserable as fuck, haven’t remembered my drugs slump the house sunk back into the icy depths of winter.

I made myself go and check round the system yesterday (mostly making sure the boiler had a light on and no-one had pushed the bread bin back into the main heating switch and knocked it off) – [this has happened several times in the past]. I came to the conclusion (having burnt my fingers on it) that the pump was where the problem lay and I swore at it… hit it…. and tried unscrewing and tightening again the bit in the middle that sometimes encourages it into movement again. [all bona fide plumber skills according to our plumber who came and replaced it tonight].

So we have warmth again….and now I feel like sitting up in bed (its warm enough) I have the hunger upon me… craving…actually craving salted peanuts… tasty tasty fat and salt -salted peanuts are probably one of the top 10 foods I shouldn’t touch with a bargepole… along with barbed wire sandwiches…. broken glass…. lentils and well… you know the drill.

So I’ve perverted that desire into ritz crackers and pork scratchings…. neither of which we have in the house either. And some Jacobs crackers with butter on and a late night bacon sandwich just havn’t filled the gap.

Oh and the cheesecake desire is back…..

Tonight is ‘often’ the night I end up in hospital…. and as midnight approaches I’m starting to feel a tad blase about it… maybe I should sneak downstairs and chance a SMOOTH peanut butter bagel….

Or maybe I should wait until the morning and see if Jane will go and forage my desires at the supermarket.


gall bladder dietry advice August 19, 2012

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When I visited my doctor and had gall stones originally diagnosed about a month ago she suggested I’d be wise to eat a low fat diet.

So I did.

Another flare up and the doctor in Ipswich A&E tells me I need a zero fat diet…. at which point finding food becomes a nightmare… bread has fat in it…. brown rice for chrissake has fat in it, even baked potatoes which the doctor said were good – have fat in them.

So I eat salad…with O% fat natural yoghurt and with extreme trepidation add quorn fillet or prawns and a spoy of mango chutney… and fill around that during the day with fruit. I suspect bananas have fat in them as they taste too comfortable to not have.

Now home (eventually- as we went back to Annies for a belated birthday party) I google and find the NHS guidance from various trusts for dietry advice when suffering from gallstones.

It looks, compared to what I’ve been eating, pretty high in fat.

I wish when health professionals give advice they’d make it clear or dole out a leaflet that does so.

To me, being told zero fat means…well…. don’t eat ANY fat.

It was the same when Jane had her heart attack, many years ago now, they gave out dietry and excercise advice that was aimed at the elderly, the extremely unhealthy, the uninformed…. basically lowest common denominator stuff.. where cut down on fat means have one pie instead of two or three.

The Norfolk healthcare trust’s advice sheet suggests low fat alternative to full fat milks and cheeses, to trim fat off meat, eat 95% fat free ready meals.

95%? surely that leaves 5% fat? thats quita a lot… I’ve been trying to eat things with less than 1% fat.

I know I’m literal and pedantic… but when someone says zero… I aim for zero.

Turns out its actually quite bad for you to have a zero fat diet…even WITH gallstones.

So I’ve just blown the boat out with some seared tuna and noodles with soy sauce on…. and for the first time in several days I feel like I’ve eaten something.

I’ve going to have a baked sweet potato with tomatoey chickpeas later.

Maybe even bake some bread with olive oil in it.



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