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Bon Fanniversaire to Jane July 12, 2012

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Happy Fanniversary to Jane Fae’s flange.

This time a year ago we were down in Brighton and Jane had just had her grs.

Has it made a difference?


In her…. she’s more confident in who she is… she is woman hear her ROAR…well… at least whinge about her nails and stuff.

I guess the bottom line is that in the world we live in women have fannies and men have todgers… those of us more aware of the finer details/arguements/politics of gender know that aint neccessarily so…. but yanno…

…for the man on the omnibus (ok…maybe not Kings Cross at 5.30 am)! if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and has a fanny its a woman…or at least a freaky type duck you can fuck.

So it must give Jane that assurance at some level…as she is a product of our society that when shit comes to shove and we all get dropped one side of the gender fence or the other… yeah yeah… the fence with only two sides… not the gender maze.

She comes down as woman (goes down…i’m not so sure about)!?!

Other than that.. in her day to day life I guess its made her habits more feminine..she can proudly display a camel toe… wee sitting down with her hands in the air…obsess about another area of feminine hygene and aesthetics… and I ‘believe’ (but only through following her blog) that she masturbates and orgasms… (too much info? – sorry dear readers of a sensitive disposition).

And me….

We’….ll … all that psychological effect has knock on effect on me .. the actual change in anatomy makes no difference.

I do wonder occassionally if I hadn’t gazed into her recently post op nether-maw resplendent in blood and gore and tearing stitches (not to mention the huge haematoma), whether I’d have had a little more curiosity about the whole thing.

I guess we’ll never know if i’m traumatised by gory gash or merely taking the easy option… or then again sticking to either of those is better than accepting I now have a partner who has privates which are erm… actually private ; and that its her choice to keep them so.

I’ve always been an open door person… a look at this…put your finger there person… no holds barred, no secrets – no physical nooks and crannies beyond the pale.

Until now.

I miss the casual intimacy of living with someone whose body is as familiar as my own… not just sexually.. but in the scratch that for me…can you get that zit for me sort of way.

We sleep apart, don’t share a bathroom, do share a child and live together.

I’m still commited to our relationship… but that goes beyond genitalia.. the relationship stands as it is through ten years of ups and downs and shared experience.

But I miss having a physical  partner in so many different ways.

In that respect I’m thankful for the freedom Jane is happy me having.. without physicality with other people I think I’d go bonkers.

But in ideal world… its nice to have that at home.


Dad’s new fanny July 8, 2011

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It transpired last night that the boy wasn’t totally sure what jane is going into hospital for. I was talking him through the next weeks arrangements, who’ll be looking after him, where we’ll stay when we visit Jane and I thought I’d better check he knew why she was in hospital.

We’ve already covered the ground several months ago that breasts change just with taking tablets but as the boy wanted to know would her willy drop off…and I explained that no…that took a visit to the hosital as it needed an operation to get a fanny.

But he’d forgotten…or not put two and two together with this impending hospital visit.


Janes going to get her new fanny.

“Will Dad have her willy cut off”

No, they’ll turn it inside out and make it into a fanny, then she’ll be more like a girl and she’ll be happier.

“Wow…. but she’ll have her balls cut off?”

And so just like when she had a hernia operation last year I talked the boy through the basics of the op. We didn’t mess around with the tricky stuff like replumbing but he worked out himself that they’d have to take out the hard stuff you can feel inside your willy…. he hadn’t realised a fanny was an actual hole but did remember babies have to come out of somewhere (except in my case he knows he came out through my stomach where the scar is).

“So they’ll just turn her willy inside out and put it up inside her?”

Pretty much… yes… they have to make a hole for it to fit into.

“wow…that’s clever”

And we move on to other stuff like Lego and computer games and actually its time for bed.

I don’t think he perceives it  any differently from the hernia op…except its a bigger procedure and she’ll need looking after  for a while. He has a view of the world I wish more of us could have…. he doesn’t see it as a defining moment…just an operation. He knows Jane needs to have it becuase it will help make her happier and more like a girl.

Most of the time I can see it that way too.

When he comes back in a few months time and asks as I won’t have a baby brother for him ….will Jane?… I may have to draw a diagram.




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