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I am always next to you… January 29, 2010

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and happy to stand in your shadow.

You are the one who has gone out and made a mark on the world. The one capable of making a mark on the world. Able to make money doing whatever you set your mind to do.

I am always happy to take the unsung, supportive, backroom roles.

I wish i could shine like you do.

But i can’t.

I don’t.

I shine…like the moon shines. It reflects the glare of the sun whilst quietly getting on with its own thing….tides, menstrual cycles, werewolves….small important shit that often gets overlooked.

But partly i’ve always put that down to you being a man.

I must have terribly traditionalist ingrained thought habits of male supremecy… patriarchy exists in a world inside my head.

I like to be supported and cared for…me and Doris Day (except i always tend towards presenting as Calamity Jane).

But….with Jane…i’m having to re-jig my reality.

Accept you are just better at so many things than i am.

And one of those things might be ‘being a woman’.

I think standing in your shadow then will be hard.



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