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Oy, commentards…. whooo hooo…. over here!!!! February 23, 2012

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i make mistakes sometimes… sometimes i’m not as sensitive as I know i could be…. hell…. there are some individuals of a trans history you only have to breathe in the same room as to cause offence. Even taking into account the last couple of years, which could have turned me anti-trans from here to eternity for the grief its given me in having a woman of trans history as a partner, I don’t have an anti trans bone in my body.

I’m a huge believer in its not what you say, but the way that you say it and by that i’ll stick to using tranny (but never loudly accross a street…or at anyone who has specifically and politely asked me not to)…. I’ll keep thinking men in frocks are humourous but keep trying to be sensitive enough to read who’s trying to be funny and who’s not.

I don’t believe you can bully an entire culture out of a wealth of humour around cross dressing… and i really don’t think the majority of humour in that area is aimed at transsexuals. Its unfortunate that often the only difference between a transvestite and a transsexual is intent. The BDSM community have the same problem when people can’t tell the difference between a loving consensual S&M relationship and spousal abuse. It’s tricky for people with little or no knowledge of a subject to pull those subtle definitional calls.

One could also say the only difference between a transvestite and a transsexual….or indeed a person of trans history is time.

Thats one of the main reasons the trans umbrella stands the test…. becuase gender…nah…. people are fluid. Some people even in these days of heightened acceptance will take longer than others to walk the path…. and theres no right way to walk it.

Put a wall between transvesticism and transsexuality and along with diagnosis its another hurdle to get over, through, round.

Whats made me actually feel physically sick over the last few days… worse than the Paddy Power ad made me feel has been the venomous gobshites over on Jane Fae’s blog.  It’s got to the point where even little old cis me with my ‘lack of trans sensitivities’ (as Jane calls them) has got to the point where i dread reading the comments.

This whole angels on pinheads i’m more transsexual, more of a real woman than you are shite they’ve been spouting is evil…. its worse than a lot of the anti-trans stuff one gets on comment threads on the Mail…. in fact they are anti-trans as each one of them seems to think they and they alone are the one and only one true woman of trans history.

Let me tell you ‘sisters’ with attitude like that you can stick your history up your frankenginas becuase you aren’t fit to hold the title of woman. you make a shame and a mockery of the whole fucking process of transition… the whole thing about body and brain mismatch? the fact that modifying the body is easier than modifying the brain…. in the case of some of the commentards I think they should have left the cocks in place and gone for the labotomies and still had a better result.

can’t think why Jane says I lack trans sensitivity… I wouldn’t even say i lack sensitivity… I think I just lack the ability to sit back and watch a few individuals stretch acceptance to breaking point even within their own community (not that they believe in community… as they live alone…or in twos… all the better to bolster their delusional egos).

Comment away fucktards….and watch me moderate… freedom of speech yes…. but shit in my blog and i’ll eject you… so please spout your venom in your own bit of the intermeweb and just leave a link for us all to ignore.


The story that lost me much sleep…. February 20, 2010

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no doubt various Guardianistas are eating hats tonight as the Mail (imho) came up pretty much trumps.

Yeah a dodgy headline, a little sacharrine in parts, a few small factual blips and the usual writers tricks to make you read things a certain way.

But it was a good positive portrayal of a relationship in the early days of transition.

There were on the website some rather unkind comments…which we expected.

We know about commentards…know most of them write in green ink/only comment when they have an axe to grind/havn’t actually been able to read the story but thought they’d comment anyway.

Some of them even made me laugh.

Others were lovely….as were messages received elsewhere. Including a wonderful one, which i think i read this morning before i even saw the article and it made me cry with relief….for the article to have made such a positive impact on just one person cancels out any number of negative comments from people who aren’t interested in understanding the actual human reality of trans gender.

Cos basically thats the bottom line isn’t it?

Its about people….and there but for the grace of god go any one of us.

Heres the link for anyone who missed it…though i prefer the print copy as the picture they used of me didnt make me cringe quite so much.



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