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A picture tells a thousand words…. January 17, 2015

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…or in the case of the march of unity in Paris post Charlie Hebdo – a picture is photoshopped to say what people want it to say.

Photographs are altered in the media all the time but this one photograph was supposed to show unity… the like that’s rarely seen. Millions of people turned out onto the streets of Paris and the world leaders were there with them shoulder to shoulder… people just like you and me… people saying enough is enough!

Except if the photographs are to be believed they weren’t. The world leaders (and we’ll gloss over that Obama wasn’t there and the hypocrisy of Netanyahu gatecrashing to stand for unity and against terrorism) stood shoulder to shoulder with each other and were backed by their staff and security and photographed from an angle that made it look like they were stood with the people.
I can’t find a single image of those leaders on google that doesn’t look like part of that photo opportunity.

To add insult to injury The Announcer (HaMavaser),a conservative orthodox Jewish publication, decided that such unity was against their readers sensitivities and airbrushed out all the women and Netanyahu himself decided to crop the ‘iconic’ photograph when he tweeted it to imply he had managed to get into the party but Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hadn’t.

To leave the plot even more Waterford Whispers twittered that a “Feminist Newspaper Photoshop’s Male World Leaders Out Of Paris March” and not everyone realised that WW are Ireland’s Number One Satire News Source although the post did win praise from the Washington post

And my favourite of all: anti-facist Facebook group SIR (Stupid Ignorant Racists) replaced top fascist in the picture (no guesses there) with a WIZARD! (Gandalf to be exact).

And it all got very silly and some would say disrespectful….

….but real disrespect is pretending to be standing with your citizens..pretending to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people on the streets, misrepresenting who was there…. turning up when you’re not wanted and making the event into a farce… or not turning up and stealing column inches that way (naughty naughty Barack). As top Irish satirists (see above) pointed out it made the event look like the First International Hypocrite Convention.

Propaganda and hypocrisy should not run so deep. In doing so they perpetuate the state of play that led to the 17 people being shot in Paris and condones the ‘us’ verses muslim spiral of destruction continuing to spiral.

Our leaders and the world media had a chance to get it right…

…and they fucked it up big time.


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