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social media made him do it January 14, 2015

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There’s been a lot of stuff about free speech in the news and I’ve ignored it…to be honest it’s big and complex and I’ve not felt qualified to do so.

However… this is different.

A couple of days ago a post appeared on my news feed saying that a Tesco on Oak Street in London was refusing to serve soldiers in uniform just in case it offended their Muslim customers. It smacked of fakery and within a couple of minutes I’d checked and there is no Tesco on Oak Street in London.

People believe what they want to believe and that post was speeding round the right wing groups (and therefore anti-right wing groups too), so much so that EDL News (a collective of social justice activists who investigate the far right in the UK) wrote about it and if you want more detail you can read about it here.

Fair enough…some bloke thought it was funny to stir a hornets nest by playing on popular trigger points….muslims…soldiers. Yawn. We see it on the Britain First page every day and I defend their right to write such tosh.

Unfortunately tonight there is another Tesco (a real one) not in London but in Mold. Where a man wielding a big knife chased an asian guy up a supermarket aisle. By standers say he was shouting about ‘white power’. If you want to read the story its here in the Mirror.

Maybe these two tales of Tesco are not linked… maybe it’s total coincidence.

Being incensed by the idea that Tescos no longer serve soldiers becuase of muslim sensibilities couldn’t possibly send some right wing idiot into a spin in his local supermarket…could it?

Posting something on the net can reach wide and the person who made the original post cannot really bear the blame of some tenuous second event that somehow bears some similarity to the first posting – we can’t all watch our every word and behaviour just in case, like a butterfly causing a hurricane a continent away, a post reaches someone unstable enough to chase a fellow shopper down the freezer section with a machete.

But if I were the twisted firestarter I’d be feeling a bit shit and a bit guilty right now about this Tesco based freak coincidence. Thats bearing responsibilty…feeling guilt. Actions DO have consequences…sometimes very slight…sometimes very big and if you are willing to let a cat out of the bag you have to bear the responsibilty of it shitting in your grandmother’s slippers.

I have a suspicion however that as the knife wielder was shouting about white power and the man with serious injuries has been described as ‘asian’ that the blame will never need to get close to a post that appeared on social media. Some racist hit out and did he really need an excuse?

Funny that… because if he’d been looking at violent porn and gone out and committed a violent attack the press would see it as a cut and dried ‘porn made him do it’.

Let’s see if anyone adds two and two and gets four.

If the man with his stick in the hornets nest of racial unrest gets some recognition.

And actually this isn’t so different..freedom of speech is always bigger and more complex than it seems.


5 Responses to “social media made him do it”

  1. Jay Says:

    Very well written piece, your last line sums up perfectly why all free speech laws have caveats attached to them. But in some cases the very idea of expecting someone to think before they speak or type is alien.

  2. Shelley Kershaw Says:

    H I’m sure lee rigbys parents are yawning at the same old Muslim/soldier thing!!??? For real?? You insult the intelligence of the English public by saying it’s proper gander!! We don’t all believe wot we see on face book but don’t try to tell me that these things don’t happen, an old age pensioner on his way to a remember servie in his uniform in my hometown last November when he was attacked by 4 Muslim youths who pushed him to the ground n stole his medals!! (FACT) I’m not racist or right wing but this country has gone way too far with it’s political correctness, I don’t give a f**k who I offend anymore if Muslims wanna keep attacking our troops then they should fuck off to a Muslim country! These soldiers and police officers are keeping our country safe! Anyone who doesn’t like that are welcome to leave!!!!

  3. Gordon Says:

    Thanks for the common sense article about the propaganda that is being churned out by zealots on either side and spread by people who do not take the time to verify before they pass it on.

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