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The day has come March 28, 2013

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When I was pregnant with the boy our two girls (one each from our marriages) were 11, moving on to secondary school, in fact learning about reproduction and foetal development and Meg handed in my scan pics as part of her Biology homework.

It’s not been the same as having siblings close together and there is a theory that if there is more than a six year age gap between siblings they each count as ‘only children’. But I think they’ve all got ‘something’ out of that age gap, even if it was, for the girls the determination not to get pregnant and have kids at a silly young age as the sleepless nights and hard work of having a baby in the house was fresh in their minds when they hit their mid teen years.

On the boys part he’s grown up around much older siblings, he’s learnt to hold his own and most usefully perhaps being, he has no fear of teenage girls, he’s happy in older company, comfortable chatting to the girls friends and if the raging hormones of puberty don’t knock him too much for six I can see him being ‘quite’ the ladies man.

But what struck me this morning was remembering back to when I was pregnant and thinking ‘wow – by the time he’s 7 or 8 the girls will be away at Uni and he’ll have really cool big sisters to go and stay with’. It all seemed so far in the furture…. both for the girls Uni and the boy being 7 or 8.

And now that day has come, off Meg and the boy drove yesterday in her little red car to Sheffield for three nights, to a house full of gaming equipment and a city to explore.

I’d be enjoying the peace and quiet if I didn’t have workmen in.


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