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Family time March 25, 2013

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‘Things’ are slowly happening…forms, housey things, medical things…stuffs.

But Meg is home at the moment for her Easter hols and I enjoy having her at home. I LOVE having her round… she’s grown up into an adult I enjoy the comany of thoroughly.

She makes a grand cuppa tea and yesterday she made an excellent full roast dinner and she’s keeping the boy entertained and .. oh she’s just good to have around.

She also makes home feel more home as she has my habits… things I don’t realise I miss until she’s not here. If I sneeze… no matter where I am in the house or where she is… she shouts ‘bless you’. It’s something we’ve always done.

When we enter or leave the house we always shout ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’… its friendly… it also means you know who is in or out in a busy household.

We have the same peurile sense of humour and the three of us, she and me and the boy can be in stitches over a bum joke…. and a family who frapes together is a happy one. The boy scored a double frape (classic poo and Bieber combo) on his big sister yesterday…and got the hat-trick when I called her upstairs to ask her if she knew she’d been fraped. Silly fun warm stuff.

Makes me realise how over the last few years the house has fragemnted from a family into separate people getting on with separate lives often in separate rooms.

I want to bring life back into my family and family back into my life.

Another part of me waking up after a long sleep.


One Response to “Family time”

  1. Sue Percival Says:

    This made me cry, but for all the right reasons 🙂 I love spending time with Tom and Anna now, even though we went through some dreadful times when they were in their teens, they’ve both grown into lovely adults. Meg sounds lovely too – hopefully we’ll get to meet her some day! Sending all the best vibes to you and yours for the future. xx

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