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I don’t buy transphobia March 24, 2013

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Y’all who know me may have noticed I’ve been busy the last couple of days. I’ve been making a facebook group…a twitter account (though gosh its easy to get suspended on there) a new blog and most importantly, tying them all together, the ‘idea’ of a campaign.

I know its got ‘trans’ in it and I know its something I’ve gone on about over the last few years as its been a big part of my personal life. But this is slightly different, this is about helping change a wider culture… starting at the Mail (read the link to find out why) but hopefully a change of culture that will just make the world a slightly better place for us ALL to live in. An opportunity taken away from a young primary school teacher last week – Lucy Meadows. Following her death I say enough is enough and I don’t buy transphobia.

Join in with the campaign, write a letter, write an email, sound off on a social network… most of all ‘don’t buy transphobia’.

The ‘Don’t Buy Transphobia’ blog tells you all about the campaign and how you can join in… please read and share as widely as possible.


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