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uneventful but busy March 10, 2013

Filed under: cancer,home stuff — eclectic chicken @ 5:19 pm

Long time no write… its been an uneventful cycle cancer wise… no medical emergencies, no vomits. I felt so well in week two of my cycle I thought it was week three and was walking the dog and moving furniture around…. though that did result in my over doing it a tad.

It just so happens whilst I’m feeling so well that Jane had a trip to Switzerland booked, some media training trip as opposed to some skiing and fondue fun. I’ve had my friend Eleanor here for the duration of Janes absence which has been lovely. But unfortunately my hosting gene trumping my taking it easy gene, plus taking the boy to a cross country event and standing in the cold drizzle for an hour and a half,  and a trip into the hospital for a CAT scan has meant back to bed for the day today whether I like it or not.

Which is fine as Meg turned up last night…. she WAS going to cook me a Mothers Day roast dinner but the over seems to have broken…. so she’s going to cook meatballs instead.

Jane back tonight, Megan off again… Eleanor leaving tomorrow…. and all back to normal…. a few days of taking it easy with my fingers crossed waiting for the CAT results.


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