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Last Intrathecal chemo… February 25, 2013

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In time i shall look back with fondness on my IT chemo….

Actually no i won’t… its a horrible horrible thing and I’m SO glad today was number 4 and the last one. Even if they change my chemo I won’t have more. It’s very much a belt and braces approach to chemotherapy and by god I hope its worth it.

I hadn’t realised how much I’ve been dreading it until I was on the bed with my palms sweating and the thought of outright refusal running through my head.

We had a student nurse in to observe and I doubt i taught her any ‘new’ swear words… but I think she probably got the gist that its not a nice experience.

Having had bad reactions post lumbar puncture I take it very easy on the lyng flat and regaining the vertical at some point…. I went in at 1pm.. had the procedure about half past and left the unit at about ten to six.

Most of the afernoon was therefore me on a saline drip staring at the ceiling…except the bit where I caught myself snoring.

I think I made things worse for myself by bemoaning the fact that hospital beds no longer come with radios in the wall behind to listen to…. so the lovely nurse brought me the ward radio (it was a quiet afternoon and no-one else seemed bothered) but then all we seemed able to tune into was Kiss FM…. and nearly four hours of a ceiling and Kiss FM is ALMOST as bad as having a needle stuck in your spine…. or eyeballs even.



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