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Another intrathecal chemo hits the dust February 5, 2013

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IT chemo number 3 done and dusted…. counting can be so satisfying.

It didn’t help that I turned up for a 12.30 pm appointment and there had been a glitch with the intrathecal chemo drugs – the technical term seemed to be ‘didn’t like the look of them’ – so Meg and I had a leisurely lunch and a wander round the vastness that is Peterbrough City Hospital… and annoying building that one always thinks is based on a series of squares that by rights you could go round all day in an MRSA threatening ambulatory version of the Circle line… but sooner or later you always seem to find a door that needs a swipe card, and diving through when someone else swipes just isn’t approved of.

By rights I shouldn’t have been up for hospital wandering…. but this cycles chipperiness is still upon me…so what the heck.

Thence to the sticking the needle in my spine… never pleasant… but needs must and all that….the a couple of hours or three on a saline drip attempting to keep that blasted post lumbar headache at bay and having another bash at sussing the crochet… my entire afternoons learning had disappeared and yesterday I must have attempted the same two lines of crochet twenty or thirty times… the end foot of wool looks like something Willam Brown would be, if not proud of, in the ownership of.

I was last person left on the day unit when the kids came back to pick me up and for some bizarre reason (oh yes… he’d missed out last greasefest) I’d promised the boy a Kentucky fried Chicken supper…..

He claims not to remember eating KFC before apart from when he was tiny, driving back from Brum in a truck and he claims only to have eaten the chips…. he wasn’t very impressed this time. Not least with the fact that they only sell chicken! well duh!!!

He also decided they should have an advertising campaign along the lines of “our food is rubbish but we do some cracking deals”…. hopefully this will be applied in his mind to the wider issues of consumerist society the same as the his older sisters lightbulb moment at deciding that ‘Barbie’ chocolate tasted really shite.

Thanks to a winning combination of steroids (part of the chemo) and best part of a big bottle of full fat coca cola (another labelled product that tases like shit – but keeps that headache threat at bay) I only got about four hours sleep last night.

So today is the day after my IT chemo and yes I feel wobbly…. a couple of times wobbly enough so that going from bed to toilet (about 12 feet away) made me glad of the sit down.

But I went out…. Meg and I had Key Lime Pie at the bikers cafe and a suasage roll from the butchers… and Meg bought the ingredients for a chocolate orange gluten free cake for me that she’s making cos she luuuurves me (and I demanded it).

Chipper.. definitely chipper.

Oh…and the whole crochet thing has come back to me and the test piece I’m making is serendipitously just the right size to make into a mobile phone cover – so I can take the plastic screen cover off at last. 🙂


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