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Chemo number 4 January 31, 2013

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I quite enjoyed today… if such a thing is possible. I took myself off to my chemotherapy, with a bottle of water and a book I wanted to finish (One Man and his Bike by Mike Carter if you’re made me laugh out loud and spit sandwich on my knee). I got a corner chair, took my boots off and settled down cross legged. The cancer specialist nurse came to tell me the PET scan looked pretty good, still some activity but given the size of the original tumour thats to be expected… her telling me this distracted me nicely from the fitting of the catheter (second attempt as the first attempt not only couldn’t find blood but hit a nerve) [ok that bit wasn’t fun].

They then started dripping all the usual stuff in; which doesn’t bother me at all now… I’m not allergic to any of it…it doesn’t hurt… its just time to kill.

The dinner lady came round and I ordered a ham sandwich and a trifle and they had a student nurse on ward who made pretty good tea… what’s not to like?

When it came to the injecting of the rest of the chemically stuff (including the really toxic red stuff that turns your wee pink even before you leave the hospital…and I think is the main culprit in the hair loss experience) it was the staff nurse who was on duty on the haemo/onc ward when I went in at Christmas… so we had some quality one to one nattering whilst she poisoned me.

In at 10am and out at about 3.30pm. Longer than I expected but it was busy on the day unit today… and I got my book finished AND had a nap.

On the way home, to take advantage of feeling fairly chipper still, I stopped off at an out of town shopping park en route and bought some M&S knickers that should actually fit and not fall off and discovered the food hall in there is as big (if not bigger) than the one in the centre of Peterborough.

I was very restrained…italian olive flat breads and a very daring rare beef and horseradish sandwich with LETTUCE!!!! (fancy craving lettuce…that’s a first)! Let’s hope my guts cope.


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