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Attuned to temperature January 21, 2013

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Still at home… cross fingers touch wood on day 13 of a 21 day cycle.

I did pack my bag for hospital late last week as I at last succumbed to the chesty cold Meg had when at home. I’d held it at bay for a week but eventually I guess it whittled away my resistance and got me.

Of course my temperature jumped up a degree (one learns to be very attuned to temperature). Luckily that was the day the hospital rang me with my 7 day post chemo courtesy call and they suggested rather than sit and wait for it to spiral and go into hospital I should ring my GP and tell him ‘the hospital says i need antibiotics’.

One home visit later and I have antibiotics.

Which indeed seem to have held my infection at bay…. but its been a seriously grotty few days. I hardly ever get colds and coughs.. but this has been a doozy… but my temperature has (until last night) never peaked 37.8.

Last night it hit 38 degrees…. so I pretended I hadn’t seen it… and took it again twenty minutes later (after taking my antibiotic) and it was back down to 37.7 (well… it’s snowy out and Janes ill too and I REALLY don’t want to go back to hospital).

Jane has caught the same lurgy and got out of bed on Saturday and fainted in my bedroom doorway. It didn’t help things that when I eventually said she could stand up again she stood and banged her head on the low door frame.

Last night I had another sweat fest and this morning my nose has ceased its sludge pump impression and my temp is back down to 37.1. So hopefully that’s broken the back of it….

…and talking of backs… I think too much time in bed is taking its toll… my back is starting to complain… strangely enough its flaring up around where they do my IT chemo… so I’ve necked some co-codomol and am going to sit upright, read a book and watch the snow outside.



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