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So what have the transsexuals ever really done to you? January 13, 2013

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let’s get the chips on shoulder competition out of the way…..

I come from working class Lancashire/Yorkshire stock – which makes me some sort of vile disowned crossbreed culturally.

I’m undereducated, never had a work ethic instilled in me… never achieved.

Ive been beaten up by the men in my life and abused in various other ways.

But I don’t tend to usually define myself by any of that.

Over the last few years (as I was dragging myself out of post natal depression) my partner came out as a transsexual and has had a totally public transitiional journey… and believe me… thats a hard thing to handle… harder than being a single mum with a kid (I’ve done that too).

I’ve now got cancer… it’s brought my menopause on apace.

And no-one has ever taken me anywhere for lobster and Bolly.

But even if all that was the sort of stuff to make me into a bitter and twisted feminist… I don’t think I’d ever abuse the very lucky position of privilege, that writing for the national media brings, by attacking another group of people.

I’m happy to see Julie Burchills piece in the Guardian/Observer Cif.

It shines a light on her with a clarity we’ve not had before.

Its the best thing to do with hate and bigotry… not ban it…. not take it down.

But shine a light on it so all can see.


2 Responses to “So what have the transsexuals ever really done to you?”

  1. Oh dear 😦 Must admit was never that keen on Ms Burchill. Often puts her mouth/pen in gear before engaging brain. I’ve never had Bolly either Andrea – something for the future. x

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