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A Poem by Gill McEvoy January 2, 2013

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My cousin’s, husband’s sister sent me this… and I like it enough to share.

Let’s Get This Straight

It’s not “being positive”

that gets you through. No,

it’s something grittier – sharp, capable of hurt:

it would have you grabbing the very last crumb

from under your best friend’s nose,

it’s savage, stubborn, it’s made of steel –

if you were in business the whole world

would hate your guts. So

the next person to come along and say

“Think positive” and all that sort of crap

will get it right between the eyes.

For I’m a hard woman now:

I am diamond, carborundum,

and I wipe out fools.

Gill McEvoy


4 Responses to “A Poem by Gill McEvoy”

  1. this is pretty close to how it feels

  2. Gill Says:

    Hi, and greetings! I am the Gill McEvoy who wrote this poem. I was very ill when I wrote it and since then, to my delight, it has helped a lot of cancer sufferers by daring them to have courage and fire in their veins!

    • I love it…. I think we all start out with the politeness of thinking positive and then it goes feral and goes for the fire in the veins option… probably also applies the the trans individuals who also make up a chunk of my readership and have to fight not only their dysphoria but their battle against the medical system and societies preconceptions.

      Thanks again… and hopefully your comment means you dont mind my reproducing your poem here (and on the MacMillen site in my blog there)?

      • Gill Says:

        Hi. No I didn’t mind your reproducing it (obviously the copyright is mine and in some circumstances I might mind) but where anyone with cancer is concerned I am more than happy to share it! Good luck and all good wishes to you.

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