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disorganised until the last December 21, 2012

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Well… supposedly the world will be ending before I finish this post – so it won’t much matter that I’ve totally not got Christmas together this year.

Apologies to those of you who usually get a card off me… I just havn’t got my shit together except the ones the boy can drop round the neighbours.

Bigger apologies to those who usually get a present off me… If you get one it means I know something you like thats always welcome and I didn’t have to walk far to get it.

It’s been a difficult month (no shit)!!!

…and I’m now into my second cycle of chemotherapy… this time I didn’t just have the intravenous four hour (two hours shorter than last time) epic but also had to go back the next day to have some ‘hopefully’ preventative spinal chemo. The actually procedure doesn’t take long… they remove about 5ml of spinal fluid (it’s totally clear ya know) and replace it with a similar amount of magic chemo drug… you then lie flat for an hour or so…and then start raising the backrest on the bed slowly up to sitting up position… hoping as you rise that the ‘pounding headache’ doesn’t kick in…for then you must return to recline and miss school out time.

We managed to leave the hospital in good time… but thanks to traffic were late for school anyway.

We really should learn these appointments always take longer than you think… usually becuase of a lack of staff who can be spared to chaperone the doctor.

…and following on from last months debacle where I didn’t want the chemo in my already dodgy lumbar joint… this time the doctor still couldn’t promise anything but did aim as low as he could to stay away from it… some hospitals have handheld sort of X-ray gadgets for this sort of thing… but Peterborough Hospital is already in too much debt I suspect to be buying such contraptions… though it does sound the sort of thing there should be an i-phoney sort of app. for.

But returning to today…. I feel like shit…. moreso than last month I suspect as my morphine buffer has nearly gone (boo hoo)!

And back to the theme of apologies… I had plans to maybe make it back out to the shops today… as I managed a short dog walk round the graveyard yesterday… but no.  I’ve zero energy… feel sick…got a headache… it just feels as if my body has been seriously poisoned by injecting stuff into it… oh! it has 🙂

Luckily daughter dearest got home yesterday…. I made something vegetarian involving sweet potatoes and aubergine and tomato passata and haloumi cheese as her boyfriend has gone over to the non- meaty darkside… and I think eating (admittedly well cooked and mushy) vegetables after a spam and mash diet was a bit of a shock for me…. back to the ribena for my vitamin C methinks.

So if the world doesn’t end I hope you all forgive me for not being more organised on my good days…

and if the world does end… who gives a flying fuck anyway.


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