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s’no joke December 3, 2012

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Feeling perkier today… feeling like i’d like to be doing stuff..a little bit of stuff beyond the lying in bed and dozing and reading I’ve been doing the last few days.

But we still have no heating…. and thats a huge disincentive to removing myself from my cocoon in one of the ony two rooms with a still working radiator.

As the temperatures get colder at night we are going into lock down…. last night all sleeping in one room, every blanket and duvet in the house is now in use and we had an oil radiator on tick over.

How many more nights before we’re all piled into the same bed, me, Jane, the boy, the dog and the cat?

It certainly doesn’t inspireĀ me to get up and wander in the night when sleep evades me… or to shower…or sit and contemplate my navel on the toilet.
It makes a simple urge for some cheese on toast into an epic…. trying to muster not only the energy to go downstairs but also to dress appropriately beforehand in order to stand in the cold kitchen.

We suspect the heating system needs a full flush…and also that our plumber is hiding from us.

These things are sent to try us…. but if someone could ease up on the trying ‘me’ specifically gas that would be very kind…. warmth and food and sleep… three of my favourite things and all pretty much intextricabley linked and buggered at the moment.


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