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juggling morphine November 28, 2012

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36 hours ago … my morphine usage was spiralling…  but let me fill you in how its used…. you have a base layer of long release drug that you take every twelve hours. It should keep you at a constant lever of relief…

Above and beyond that is a syrup taken by mouth as neccessary… usually 1-2 spoons every 4 to six hours.

You keep checking on the intake of the quick release stuff  until you work out the base level that gives you good cover and then just take the syrup in extreme circs.

I started off on a base 10mg… double the next morning to 20mg and then Jane went and signed for some new 30mg tablets at the pharmacy.

I was lasting less than two hours between each two spoonfuls… waking every couple of hours in the night in pain… as I said spiralling.

…. and then something happened.

I’m not sure what…

It could have been having to lie on my side for the bone marrow removal (a posion I havn’t been able to maintain in a while).

But last night I went to bed in Janes bed and found I could lie on my side… sleep on my side…. could sleep for several hours. Only needed 4 spoons of syrup last night (and that was with keeping the 20 mg base).

Maybe I’ve just reached my plateau of pain relief… if so… brilliant.

But Grendel feels smaller… could be that spending time in a different position has shifted it from blocking/pressing on something specific.


I’ll have to talk to my MacMillan nurse tomorrow…. and cross fingers the pain level stays where it is.

oh and strange morphine dream number 342… waking up in the night folding invisible things onto a pile of neatly folded things on my stomach.


One Response to “juggling morphine”

  1. kerri Says:

    Yep thats Morphine, I couldnt take it I was off with the fairies after Tyes birth…lol

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