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Well she did ask…. November 21, 2012

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I answered the phone to a company based locally that rings us regulary…. oh and they sell windows. They ring us up even though they know we don’t want or need new windows…. they’ve been told… politely and not so politely. If i wanted to buy windows after 9 years of them ringing they would be the last place I would go to fill my glazing needs.

Today they rang.

Hello [insert local window firm]here. How are you today?

I’ve got cancer, a hernia, I feel like shit and I just had to get up to answer the phone.

silence….. long silence.

Is there anything else you’d like to know?

[insert local window firm] put phone down very quietly.

I wonder if she resigned from cold calling straight away?



One Response to “Well she did ask….”

  1. debz maher Says:

    oh andrea, that made me laugh – poor girl – on the poorly you front, at least we know what is going on and grendel will soon be history! big hug

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