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Comedy of dietry errors November 20, 2012

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My diet over the last few months has been ever changing… based on what I thought was wrong with me, best advice at the time, internet gleanings and pure whim.

The advice from the medical world has varied from the sublime (the latest which seems to be -anything you CAN eat but avoid roughage at al costs -and if thats eggs and chocolate so be it) to the ridiculous (“well baked potatoes are always healthy”).

But take all the good advice and last week I shortsightedly went fridge grazing one evening to see if there was anything i fancied and could eat…. came accross some mini fillets of crumbed chicken and ate one whilst waiting for my hot chocolate to ping in the microwave.

It tasted a bit shit… so I just ate the one.

Turns out it tasted thus as it was raw chicken and in teeny tiny writing on the back said it needed cooking.

Roll forward about three days and Jane made the effort, pulled out the stops and made a nice easy digestible chicken and (well cooked) brocolli in creamy sauce…. at first bite I was disappointed to find she’d put cheese in it… on second bite I realised the chicken was off and shouted to everyone not to eat the chicken.

Nice to know I find it easier to detect off meat than raw meat…. or maybe it was some sort of sensory learning curve.

I don’t think either episode gave me salmonella (which says a lot for cheap chicken with yellow stickers on it from Tesco’s) but then as the bacteria thingy is absorbed through your colon wall and can cause liver failure and shit like that; I could just be a walking salmonella time bomb….. but moving swiftly on…..

Following the meaty episodes and taking the colder weather (and lack of central heating [yes STILL]) I got the urge for daal/dahl (which is it?) and having been pointed at vedic cookery by my good foody friend Barry (who’s blog is somewhere in a sidebar on the rights) I decided daal was possible without onions and garlic and my sister even thoughtfully brought asasfotoeda/hing/devils dung to my sickbed.

Now there are pulses that are very easily digested… it says so in my new vedic cookery book…. but what I had in the cupboard possibly weren’t the right ones…. but there they were… they were already deskinned and I really wanted daal.

Two bowls later…and then half an hour after that I was in pain.

Crawling round my bed singing childhood songs trying to block the pain.

Eventally at about 2am I gave in and let Jane ring an ambulance…. given the last couple of attempts to get an ambulance out to me with this sort of pain (and vomiting) had proved impossible I wasn’t hopeful… but this time we had the password.


Oh we still had to answer all the stock questions to find out if my leg had fallen off, if i was underneath a bus or merely ringing for pizza…

but within twenty minutes we not only had a swift response bloke round looking in my bucket of sick…. but also an ambulance.

Better still and ambulance who took me for a ride (a first…and a slight disappointment as I was too distraught and uncomfortable to ask for the siren).

to be continued……


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