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Skinny minnie and the springs November 12, 2012

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In Janes room is an enormous super king size Macintosh inspired bed… I chose it and the individually pocketed sprung mattress when I was pregnant with the boy. (ok i sat my bulk down on the old pine double and it broke).

We bought an expensive mattress as that sort of thing is important and i’d had enough years of hand me down/out of skips/second hand mattresses.

It’s the worst buy I ever helped make…. its a purchase you have to live with for what? a decade? though I’m sure we all keep our mattresses longer. Its a decision you make by lying on a mattress in a shop for ten minutes or as long as it takes you to start feeling silly under the shopkeepers scrutiny…whichever comes first.

Why don’t bed shops have tester sleep-over nights? You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive.

Anyway…. its always been a bugger for my back… I’ve no idea why…. its lovely to sink into for the odd night but over time its not done me any favours.

I suppose the other component may be that Jane is wedded to the left hand side whereas I’ve always been a side swapper and left to my own devices I travel vast distances back and forth across a big lonely bed.

Oh….I’m sure theres a point I’m getting to here… not much of one admittedly.

When my daughter went to Uni I took the opportunity to move into her bed… its a double… it came off freecycle when I started to feel sorry for her and her boyfriend squishing into a single or taking over the downstairs sofa bed for weeks at a time… its not a bad bed… but its got a pretty poor mattress that came with it.

It was ok for my daughter…. she’s always been hardy… summers she spent sleeping out in a tent from about age 6 and even when inside she’s was always more likely to sleep next to her bed than in it… that and the fact she was soon off to Uni meant we didn’t get round to replacing the mattress.

When I moved into the bed it was fine… hard…a tad lumpy but workable round and certainly sleepable in.


Jings…. I’ve made much positive about losing weight…it is fantastic..or was before it sort of got all mixed up with the whole cancer/ulcerated colon/wasting away thing. But there are drawbacks… not least that so many of my clothes just drop off me now.

But the other drawback in having a severe lack of fat (oh apart from feeling the cold as well…which isn’t good as our central heating is still buggered) is that i have no padding…. my bed, once ‘a bit lumpy’ is now torture…I can feel every single ridge and spring and its somewhere I’m spending a fair amount of time at the moment.

I started by putting a blanket under my base sheet…. and now I’ve got a spare duvet folded in half under there… and I can still feel the blasted things… its all nice and plumpy ’til it settles….

Tomorrow I’ll add another and hopefully we’ll decide to buy a new mattress before my nose touches the ceiling, princess and the pea stylee.

But tonight…. I have a sleeping tablet… I’ve decided not to save them for rainy days when i need them…. I need them NOW and they even manage  to take the springs away.


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