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Bonfire well and truly pissed on. November 5, 2012

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Where were we?

Oh yeah…. ct scan..colonoscopy…blah blah…. then back in to see the consultant who fast tracked me for all these delights..who couldn’t tell me anything as the results weren’t in.

Then (to cut  long story short cos i really can’t be arsed) an early morning phonecall  on Friday to see if i could come in and have a lapriscopywatsit (more cameras just stuck somewhere different to look at the outside of the lump).

[incidentally last night I dreamed the lump was called Grendel…. sometimes my subconcious is shit hot]

So… as I hadn’t yet arisen and broken my fast I said I was raring to go…

blah blah blah…. it’s cancer.

There that  put you all out of your misery without having to read about the apologetic woman with sleep apnea (snort snort sorry…throughout the night), or any of the other light hearted looks at my fellow humans and the world around us…

I’ve pulled the short straw… it could have been my gall bladder (had it been 6 inches higher and a bit more right…. obviously a diagram you only need to memorise if you rise to consultant level)…could have been Crohns…. but no…

…after a fairly bad few years I get the short straw.

Thankyou to the small god of random shit (to steal shamelessly from old watsisname Pratchett).

For anyone interested in detail its a lymphoma and we don’t know its name yet (other than Grendel…and don’t worry I once named some chicks destined for the pot and still managed to kill one and eat it…so anthromorphising this little fucker won’t make me fond of it)…. the biopsy has gone to Addenbrookes to be identified and I should get a call from oncology early next week.

Other than that…. life goes on… well apart from I’ve just had an op and am feeling a bit shite.





6 Responses to “Bonfire well and truly pissed on.”

  1. Tara Says:

    Sorry to hear your news and pretty crappy news at that. I hope that they get on with your treatment soon and that Grendel gets well and truly blitzed!

  2. Dawn Says:

    Thinking of you. One of my best friends here just got similar news too. It is a total shit, takes too many good people. Xx

  3. Thats really crappy for you-Grendel is only visiting and will be sent on her/his way before you know it.You have lots of wonderful,supportive people in your life-USE them,thats what they are there for.Massive hugs mate, D xx

  4. debz maher Says:

    so grendel has been stomping up and down on the roof of the long house for a sufficient time – let’s send beowulf in to muller the bastard. !!

  5. Lucy Melford Says:

    Andrea, I am so sorry to hear this. No getting away from it, it’s not good news. However…let’s see what they can do.

    I’d like to think that in your position I’d be defiant and prove to everyone, including shit gods, that I’m a survivor. Mind over matter. It does work for some people, and you are gritty enough to accept a challenge.

    You could set up a future commitment, and tell yourself you’re going to be fit and well for it come hell or high water. And meanwhile get on with writing that bestseller: The Dog and Me, or Beauty and The Bear, or whatever it’s going to be called.

    Lucy X

  6. Brendan Says:

    Hi Andi, so sorry to hear you are going through all this. Your own psyche has named this terror Grendel, a monster feared by all, yet was defeated. Be strong ang and hear my prayers, and get well. x

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