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The pains formally known as my gall bladder. October 15, 2012

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I know you are all on the edge of your seats to know about my health….

(for those who aren’t there are other posts available on cheerful topics such as depression, educational standards and dementia).

Or of course there are other blogs available.

So… me and my pain and the lump just to the right of my belly button… the lump that hides from the medically trained and the pain that only occurs when I’m not in the presence of the aforementioned medically trained, went to see the consultant.

Having decided gall bladder is the easy option, given the lump in my side that makes non medics leap backwards with concern. I argued the case for it being gall bladder… provided evidence of cheese eating and tales of vomiting.

I’m pretty sure I persuaded another medically trained person that I’m highly strung, neurotic and possibly, delusional.

But he offered up Crohns Disease as an option based on my symptoms.

And thence to the couch for the prod… I aimed him in the right direction and lay back.

He didn’t say ‘bloody hell’…doctors don’t tend to do that… but I think he was impressed with the size of my lump.

He lowered the tone a tad by calling it a ‘very large bowel mass’ and finally put my gall bladder theory firmly to bed (it’s nowhere near where my gall bladder is).

But it’s nice to be taken seriously… I suddenly felt less mad and a lot more special…. though in this case I’m not sure special feels totally wonderful as I’m being fast tracked for a ct scan and a endoscopy (also fondly known as the camera up the bum experience).

Since then I’ve had another night mostly spent vomiting and lying on the bathroom floor, and now I’m eating jelly beans and putting sugar in my tea and syrup on my ready brek my weight loss seems to have slowed down and i’m hovering at about 10 stone 6.

But at least something is happening.

Back to see the consultant the end of this month, the edoscopy booked… my pack full of information and bowel clearance drugs has arrived and i’m just now waiting the ct appointment.

It used to be that gall bladder was the easy option to believe in… I’m not sure now what is the easy option…. Crohns is fairly easy to manage with drugs and diet…. but niggling at the back of my mind, until the scans are done, is still the dark spectre of  ‘the large mystery lump’…. I’m trying not to be morbid… but in the middle of the night when the pain stops me sleeping (any movement involving stomach muscles irritates said lump) it’s hard not to think the worst.



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