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Travels with a dog September 10, 2012

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I had a lovely long weekend in Cheshire… I travelled by train. Something I hold out and try not to do – something to do, I think, with being stuck outside Leicester for about two hours on a train once and taking much of a hot sunny day to travel accross country.

This time…. just to make the journey truly awful, I took the dog who is likely to be sick.

But it was fine…. two and a half hours including a change and the dog was perfectly behaved.

Fine? Well…. not totally fine… but it’s still a form of public transport. ie. may contain members of the public.

On the way there I sat opposite an elderly white bearded man who worked his way through a box of fresh cream puffs. Having been marrried to a beard wearer once upon a time, were I in charge of public transport, the country or even the world, bearded people would be banned from eating anything containing cream (or custard… or copious amounts of sugar frosting) in public.

This goes double for when they sit opposite me and my dodgy gall bladder who havn’t tasted a cream cake in nearly two months (appointment to see the specialist in about three weeks).

Also starring in my journey was a young man sat accross the aisle who spent an hour writing a letter to an (ex?) girlfriend entitled “THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU”…. once purged of his venom he put the full side of A4 in an envelope and put his head in his hands for the rest of the journey. I almost felt like telling him ‘she’s not worth it’… but I wasn’t 100% sure he wouldn’t turn round and twat me one.

Still… the journey there was better than the way back in which I got thrown out of WHSmiths at New Street for having a dog… there was a sign that said ‘no smoking’ on the window (a bit superfluous as we all know smoking in enclosed public spaces is illegal)… but nothing to say dogs aren’t allowed. And there was nowhere to tie him up outside…. so I took him to stare at the sandwiches and salads in the Camden Food Co. shop instead. They didn’t throw us out but I still didn’tdare buy any of their healthy food ‘just in case’… but I enjoyed the acceptance and close proximity to a haloumi cheese with chilli panini.

I also ended up on the platform sat next to a woman so drunk her child had taken the day off school to guide her round the country. Slack jawed and incomprehensible she caused general consternation on the train when the trolley man served her alcohol. I think when it takes several attempts to understand she’s saying ‘woodpecker or strongbow’ it’s probably a sign she shouldn’t be served.

The weekend itself was lovely…. its very, very definitely Autumn… and I love Autumn. I walked the dog along Nantwich canal about eight ‘o’ clock on Saturday morning, the sun was breaking through the mist and the boatees greeting the morning were clutching mugs of tea to ward off the nip in the air… the leaves are turning… I could smell woodsmoke in the mist and when I walk now I feel I can walk forever… all’s pretty good in the world.



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