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Thank god that’s all over August 31, 2012

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The end of a year in which Jane supported her daughter in her first year of ‘independence’ from home in a large flat a mile or so away. The idea was that if she lived away from the horrid grown ups and our despicable habits and horrendous noise; she’d be able to do her college work and get through her education.

Didn’t turn out that way…. she’s now looking (and I use that word loosely) for work and living with a friend in a fairytale thatched cottage with a river view a mere half mile from home.

She moved out of the old flat…. totally moved out, you can tell she totally moved out by the cupboard full of packets of cereal in the kitchen, the fact that Jane just spent much of a week down there tidying and having it professionally cleaned and oh the fact that that she’d left her provisional driving license and birth certificate in a kitchen drawer ready for the next tenants to move in and steal her identity.

I like to think that now she’s ‘really’ gone solo her washing won’t be going through our machine giving her chance to help herself to whatever clothes she fancies out of the clean washing pile. (i’ve been looking for my best dressy uppy cardigan for several months until it turned up in the boot of our car in Janes clearing out the final layers of ‘dross’). Or that Jane won’t be doing her shopping for her…. and even that when she discovers at half past ten at night that she’s sat on the toilet with no toilet roll that she’ll ring someone else.

But I’m not holding my breath!

ps. she also left behind a bottle of Smirnoff which I shall keep…. after all she had already moved out so mustn’t want it.


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