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lurching into the final furlong…. August 29, 2012

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Well, as we lurch towards the end of the summer holidays and the new school term looms a mere week away I can look back and we’ve had a summer break mostly well spent…. last(ish) but not least was a visit en famille to Cheshire, primarily for the boy to spend some time with his one and only cousin… but also for me to spend some time staying with my sister (as opposed to my mum) [they live very close to one another].

Jane’s main reason was to attend Manchester Pride and she decided a small boy can’t attend enough events where they give away whistles, flags and stickers and took him with her… allowing me an afternoon with da bear (whilst relatives drove home from Cornwall).

I hate short visits with my cigar smoking bear…. but a short visit is better than no visit and we managed to squeeze in a canal walk with Lucky.

Strange to think its been a full year (give or take a couple of bust ups)… managing a relationship over a largeish distance can be a tricky biscuit… made slightly easier by it being a secondary relationship I guess, we both have plenty of stuff going on in our other lives to distract us – But who’da thunk we’d have got this far?

A few drizzly days of further canal walks, a trip to Delamere Forest, some time down the pub and a couple of short visits to my mum and a few longer conversations about what we’re going to do about our mum (more of that later no doubt) and a few days passed quickly.

Back home…countdown to school… new shoes needed…. good bedtime habits to be re-established… and we’re in the downhill scramble towards the new term.


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