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More Health Stuff August 22, 2012

Filed under: home stuff — eclectic chicken @ 8:15 pm

I went for my ultrasound scan today…. nothing…nada….

She had me lie on every side and the jelly was joy upon joy -warm (a technological advancement since I had pregnancy scans).

But no stones…. not a one to be seen.

Luckily I was booked to return to the health centre this afternoon to see my GP and get fresh stocks of the drugs doled out by Ipswich A&E…. my GP cast a professional eye over the scans and admitted nothing was to be seen out of the ordinary. Gall bladder -clear, liver -fine etc etc.

He poked me a bit and questioned me a lot.

And gave me a referral to a gastro enterwatsit specialist…another few weeks wait.

I sort of wish they’d found some nice simple stones.


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