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silver lining August 20, 2012

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the weight is still dropping off me on my enforced low fat diet….

I just spent a very happy half hour in the dressing room trying various things on that i’ve thrown to the back in disgust over the last year or so…. everything fits. In fact many things feel like someone elses clothes.

Confidently I advanced to step two…. flicking through for all the things I bought because they were lovely, AND cheap even though they didn’t fit me. Like a pale blue Kew skirt from TK Maxx for £3 (that must have been in anticipation of my going blonde)…or a black dress from the Monsoon quarter price sale which is sort of lolita meets Italian grandmother.

…and yes…. they fit!

That means I’m the size I was pre-the boys birth for the first time since.

Step three however was a step too far…. I found the suitcase containing the two skirts I’d kept from when I met Jane and kept to remind myself how slim I was… and no… I’m nowhere near. But then that was when I ran every other day and was mid marriage break up.

In other good news at Annies party the other night I held Rafes buffet plate for him and the smell of fat made me feel sick… maybe…just maybe post gall bladder I’ll be able to stick to some new good habits.

I’m not going to join Jane Fae and Kate Moss in the ‘nothing tastes as good as feeling skinny’ but I’m certainly revelling in getting back to a weight that gives me more energy and the ability to button up a pair of 32inch Levis without having to lie on the bed.


2 Responses to “silver lining”

  1. debz maher Says:

    i may be wrong, but… if they just take the stones out u can still have a certain amount of fat – obv not too much u get em back, but if they take the gall bladder itself, i suspect you may ‘have’ to continue the way you are at the moment! i am prepared to be totally wrong on this one but seem recall a friend of mine had hers removed and low fat was the way it had to stay!
    having said that, i am sure you look fab and must come and see for myself and be jeaous!!

    • eclectic chicken Says:

      dunno debz…i think it depends partly what the stones are made of…some are calcium based others are cholesterol.
      supposedly once its out one can return to a ‘normal’ diet but i anticipate eating more sensibly or get indigestion

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