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damn dem trans (fats) July 26, 2012

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…and we’re off to a cracking start to the summer holidays.

(although it hardly feels like the boy has broken up as he’s back in the school building for playscheme most mornings for two weeks and music school in the afternoons).

But anyway… a cracking start… a re-occurance of my vomiting and stomach pains of a couple of weeks ago. I sensibly made an emergency doctors appointment for the afternoon… but didn’t quite make it that far as part way through the afternoon the pain was so bad and my hands and feet were going cold and buzzy (ie i’m about to black out) that Jane rang an ambulance… becuase I was still concious they said they’d ring back.

Half an hour later we decided a drive to A&E may be quicker but I couldn’t make it down stairs. A quick vomit on the bathroom floor and a lay down in said vomit made me feel a whole lot better…in some ways… but not in others.

We had a bit of a secondary panic as the boy needed picking up from school, but Jane organised a mum to pick him up and feed him (thankyou Emma)! She even came and made me feel better than I had done all day by being sympathetic and agreeing it could be my gall bladder. (a bit of medical training goes a long way with me).

At this point the ambulance service thought they’d ring and have a chat (an hour after we rang them)… by now my pain was a mere ‘2’ as opposed to a ’25’… ‘oh says helpful lady… I’m surprised you didn’t ring us earlier’…. no you dim bint… you are an emergency service and some of us only ring once we REALLY feel its an emergency…ie we can’t cope at home and don’t know what else to do.
Maybe the majority of the population ring when their takeaway doesn’t arrive or they’ve run out of Aloe Vera tissues but in this house we tend to use emergency servies when we feel truly lost and desperate.

But that aside she remade my appointment at the doctors for me that i’d missed in all the excitement of not being able to move out of my vomit pool.

The doctor in due course poked me a bit and declared it most likely is my gall bladder and should it flare up again go straight to A&E… do not phone the doctor….don’t bother with an ambulance… do not pick up your £200… just GO.

Had I made it there earlier today mid attack they would most likely have hospitalised me and I’d be sans gall bladder by now.

As it is… I have some anti-biotics and the joy that is knowing my next flare up could happen at any time… whooppee!!!

This feeling of semi-terror is made worse by the fact Jane was due to be away three nights on the trot…so I’d have to stumble about in the night waking neighbours for childcare and getting myself to hospital.

Last night she decided to make it home… tonight she may…or may not. And Friday Annie and Henry the dog are coming over.

In other news… I’m to stick to as close to a no fat diet as possible… though having been t’interneting I’m okay with ‘nice’ fats… its mostly those nasty old trans fats I’m to stay away from… damn them pesky trans the bane of my life 🙂


9 Responses to “damn dem trans (fats)”

  1. philscorzonera Says:

    Ouch! Get well soon. What is the gall bladder anyroad? What does it do?

    • eclectic chicken Says:

      and as far as I know medear it stores bile wot the liver has made… its a bile reservoir…waiting for you to eat something nice and big and fatty that needs some serious digestion…at which point it wades in to assist the livers usual flow.
      Supposedly one can live quite comfortably without one but I’m guessing have to be a little more aware of both diet and digestion.
      The picture I found on the internet of gall bladder mit stones looked like a small pitta bread full of peas.

      Anyone with more accurate scientific stuff feel free to join in!

      • philscorzonera Says:

        I avoided googling the question cos I’m more than a bit squeamish. I sincerely hope a gall bladder removal doesn’t remove the enjoyment of good food (and drink).

      • eclectic chicken Says:

        its definitely removed all pleasure at the moment….but once its out i think i just have to remember ‘moderation in all things’ 🙂

      • philscorzonera Says:

        ‘moderation in all things’ – sounds dreadful :-s

  2. Lucy Melford Says:

    Hmmm. It all sounds rather serious. I hope you don’t get any more pains, but you may well do, and in your shoes I’d be arranging lifts on standby for that dash to the hospital.

    Meanwhile, best wishes.


    • eclectic chicken Says:

      thanks Lucy… neighbours on standby and Jane as it happens came home both nights so far. I’m hoping the anti-biotics and VERY sensible diet will keep pain at bay (fingers crossed) til they can whip it out.

  3. tim butler Says:

    My other half had her gall bladder out a couple of yrs ago, she doesn’t miss it (nor the pain)., and neither do I. Key hole surgery was definatly the way to go, mostly painless for us both. Three “bullet” scars are the only reminder. Not so bad

    • eclectic chicken Says:

      in a strange way I’m almost hoping I start another flare up just so I can go and get it taken out… then I know its over 🙂

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