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good weekend all round July 16, 2012

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The household divided into two this weekend as Jane took the boy off down to Bristol for the Pride march and some general sightseeing.

The boy’s highlights seem to be nearly being kettled and arrested, helping a knife juggler and having some rice and prawns in a restaurant in the shape of an igloo (the rice – not the restaurant).

Jane assures me that the kettling and near arrest are an exaggeration. But, the boy, harangued our local friendly community liason officer last week about the Hillard brothers case whilst he was on a school visit…. so I do wonder. 🙂

Meanwhile at home… the dog and I were visited by my cigar smoking bear… honoured indeed as it’s rare he’s lured from his lair (…even with camembert).

I cooked steak, potatoes dauphenoise and wilted chillied spinach… (so you can tell how pleased i was).

Saturday was glorious, we went to take a look at Ely and lunched by the river looking at boats… had a swift look in the cathedral and spent a long time queueing for ‘donuts’…. my advice is never queue for donuts in Ely.

The tiny wee caravan is run by two old ladies… the one at the public interface had a moustache almost to rival the bears and the one at the cooking the donuts interface had a lovely finger sucking habit going on to keep her fingers free of sugar (I didn’t like to point out its the sucking wot makes the sugar stick).

The donuts when they eventually arrived were simultaneously burnt, raw and saturated in ancient fat.

No wonder those fenlanders eat eels (or rather good burgers down by the river).

We got home….paused briefly to get the dog and then went for a long walk in the evening sunshine.


Sunday… the bear insisted on attacking the garden with both strimmer and lawnmower… it was sunny… I walked the dog, had a shower and then sat around wearing a sundress on a sunny sunday morning watching a man work hard… double bliss.

Nay…triple bliss… but brings home again how much I miss having a man around. He made more impact in an hour or so than I’d have made in a week.

My neighbour came over and lent the bear a billhook and suggested he visits again.


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