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Not so busy as expected…. July 1, 2012

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This weekend was all set to be hellish busy, I was due to pick my daughter and the bulk of her stuff up from Uni in Sheffield and then on saturday had a wedding reception to go to down in Brighton.

It started off to plan, I arrived, met daughter just back from a days digging (she’s an archaeology student) and we sat and had fish finger sandwiches to fortify us for the task ahead…. a small room it appears can hold an awful lot of stuff and in the name of getting in with a chance of getting her deposit back the communal kitchen was in need of a lot of cleaning (it seems the knack is not to be the last to leave… or don’t give a stuff about your deposit). She isn’t the last to leave…. quite…. but both being concientious and of a mind that £150 is worth a bit of elbow grease… we set to.

We managed to fit everything in the car – just. Bearing in mind I removed several boxes two weeks ago I have no idea how we did it in one car load last September. I carried all the light stuff as my back has had a hard couple of weeks strimming the garden… and my daughter managed to do the hefty final boot slam that pushed everything into place.

First year over.

The car had been making a funny squeely noise on the way up… and on the way back  I got daughter to listen to it too and her solution was almost identical to mine…. shut the window and put some music on… thus rendering the worrying sound inaudible and therefore a lot less worrying.

It was way passed midnight when we landed home… and my back hadn’t enjoyed the drive… this act then went on to free up the rest of the weekend as I know of old to listen to my back (if not my car)…. there is a way of shutting the windows and turning on the stereo for my spine… its called co-codamol and diazipam… but I try and avoid getting to that stage.

So having winced my way round a woodland walk on saturday morning, my daughter hazzarded that I may not be up to driving to Brighton and back in a day (have you seen how expensive hotels are at the weekend in Brighton)? And I had to say I felt relief at her thoughtfulness… especially as it meant she’s miss the wedding too as she didn’t feel up to dealing with the M25 and Brighton traffic solo.

I rang my apologies to the groom, went for a pint of cider down the pub with my daughter and then watched the technological wonder which is a live streamed wedding on the internet… from brighton to the relative comort of my own sofa.

Today, I’m taking it very easy… and a gentle dog walk later today… the last thing i want is my back to go properly which would lay me out or a goodly chunk of the school summer holiday….

oh…hold on….

where’s all that rubble that still needs shifting 🙂


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