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Dust to dust… June 23, 2012

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Given i live with a woman who ordinarily panics about breaking a nail even if the dog just farts in the next room…over the last few weeks or so she has made it her life’s work to knock down a chimney breast in the back room.

At first she was subtle about it… knocking a few bricks out every time i went out…or a bigger chunk if i was away for the night…

But this weekend she got the bit between her teeth and knocked the ruddy lot down.

And before you panic about girls doing DIY…or even about only semi-incompetant people who used to live as men doing DIY let me assure you it’s not an important chimney breast…. it doesn’t hold anything up…and yes we had a builder look at it and say it was ‘probably’ safe to take down.

Now…my method were I mad enough to start that sort of job (as opposed to being mad enough to start strimming our four foot high lawn)… would be to clear the room of carriables and cover the not so easily careables up…. I’d even roll the carpet and cover that up too.

No… jane has merely vacuumed as she goes…. poor vacuum.

Still…she tells me theres not much dust….

i don’t believe her.

when you sit down on our sofa a little puff of brick and plaster dust rises up… theres a fine sheen over everything…and I’m not sure the tv and dvd will survive the ordeal.

Still….. she’s found she can still wield a sledgehammer…and had some fun and eventually, yes eventually the enormous pile of bricks in the back garden will make its way to the dump car load by car load in tescos carrier bags.

The room looks larger…. the garden smaller.

Swings and roundabouts really.

And me?

I’m hiding in my room away from the dust… for some reason I find Jane knocking walls down somewhat stressful.


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