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kids, dog and sporadic r’s June 17, 2012

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Apologies fist fo lapsing again to those who cae about such things… when things bubble to top of my mind i need to be nea a compute and it needs to, of couse, be a woking compute.

Now… some of you may have noticed my ‘r’ isn’t woking (well it did THEN becuase i paused and pessed it eally had…. this takes away the spontineity of witing… hence no blog of late.

That key on my laptop isn’t active (see…i’m avoiding that key now)… becuase Jane and the boy have been knocking out a chimney beast… the boy has taken to hitting the wall with a hamme when thees nothing much on tv, and Jane tends to wait fo me to go away fo a night o weekend befoe knocking geat chunks out of the house. Unfotunately neithe of them thinksof things like emoving electrical equipment fom the vicinity…so i suspect down the back of the tv is a bit of a mess and thee do seem to be some cunchy bits unde my keypad that have moe esistance than the usual biscuit and toast cumbs.

(actually avoiding the key was almost as tiesome as pausing to pess the dodgy key eally had)!

So whee did i go to my lovelys that allowed the knocking about of the sitting oom in my absence?

I took my daughte back up to Uni… she’s finished he fist yea but has stuff still to do up thee … we had a lovely evening, we ate Tukish food… vey wondeful Turkish food… in a lovely restauant whee they kept giving us free things and so much food i started stashing the free things in my handbag for later… small filo olls filled with vine leaves and chilli curd cheese ae very good cold for breakfast.

This followed a very long game of ‘top 3s’ that took up the entire journey… top three trees…top three pizza toppings… top three languages you’d like to be able to speak…. we do good travel games me and my daughter.

Anyway…. we followed food with a horror film (session 9… quite good but a bit confusing) and chocolate ice-cream.

I like visiting my daughter… shes blossomed into a daughter to be proud of… an adult in her own right who is out there and coping with life the universe and everything…well…. most things.

We got up early (bloody hell the r key has stated working again of its own accord) and went to Cakes r Us for beakfast… its a chinese shop that sells cake by the pound (or by the slice) – and very good they are too. But also sells pastry parcels with various fillings…some stranger than others… and also steamed buns…. like eating clouds with fillings in… the custard filled one is the ultimate comfot food.

They also sell things I’ve never heard of like ‘bubble tea‘ – we nearly bought some but we had a communication breakdown and ended up without one… but having googled it – next time i’m up thee i’m on cloud buns and bubble tea.

In other news… Jane has gone off to a book launch (my getting home early in the afternoon saved the boy from having to traipse to London for it) and yesterday at the local church fete Lucky and the boy won the ‘junior handler’ section of the dog show…. mostly becuase Lucky managed to walk without sniffing or weeing for more than ten metres and i ‘think’ he even sat to command… the dog that is, not the boy.

I’m very proud… six months ago i don’t think the boy would have had the confidence to enter… but with a small scruffy dog by his side he can conquer the world… well… as long as it doesn’t involve too much travelling as the dog of course gets car sick and the boy doesn’t like ‘the facilities’ on trains. (o at least thats his excuse for not wanting to go to london).


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