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visitations June 9, 2012

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Argh… one of those weeks where not only are lots of things going on on various days but becuase of the double bank holiday I have very little idea of what day it is…actually not knowing what day it is is fairly standard…. but this week moreso.

Where shall I start?….

Last weekend a pleasant visit from a friend up from Cambridge, marred only by Janes catering for a fussy eater who happens to be vegetarian… the solution was lots of vegetarian componants in separate bowls… a bowl of mushrooms…a plate of omelette.. a bowl of salad…a plate of cheese… I need to be teased into vegetarian food by mixing it up and making it taste nice… but anyway…small grumble.. lovely weekend.

Then the decision to leave the dog-who-vomits at home and a drive over to Cheshire to pick my mum up… a journey vastly improved by a few days with my cigar smoking bear.

I got there in time to go out to a classic car show at Tatton Park…last time i was at Tatton I was young enough to believe my dad when he told me sheep poos were blackcurrents (no i didn’t eat any). My dad was probably also the last person I went to a classic car event with (as opposed to classic bike shows which I’m also fond of being subjected to).

Lots of  lovely cars…. though there were  a couple of modern sections which just looked like part of the car park to me.

The event was marred for me by not being able to walk away (or most logically drive away) with a Morgan aero coupe  which i’m sure would have said my name if they’d started it up… other older favourites from my youth were there like a ford zephyr… happy, happy memories of a pale blue zephyr owned by a boy friend when we both lived at home and those long  bench seats were SO useful 🙂 We picked it up for twenty quid  and sold the plates for £200 i think….

Event only marred for the cigar smoking bear by lack of onions at the burger van.

Joint highlight probably the Jags.

Over the time I was in Cheshire I saw three Laura Ashley shops… two of which looked like ‘pop-up shops’ with cheap looking sign writing… could this be a new Laura Ashely sales stategy?

Reluctantly leaving the land of hugs and burgers behind I then spent three hours in a car listening to my mother… relieved only with a coffee break at Annies (thanks Annie).

We landed home Wednesday late afternoon to be greeted by a very pleased boy and dog… who both needed a walk to burn off some energy…. a walk only marred by a torrential cloud burst that wet us to the skin… well… it wet me and rafe to the skin as we gave mum all the coats to keep her drier… being 86 does come with some advantages.

Yesterday… more visitors in the shape of Janes sister and brother-in-law… we all went for a walk in the woods… well… when i say all… I mean all except Jane who doesn’t have any ‘walking in the woods’  boots; mostly becuase she won’t submit to the concept that unisex boots are for everybody and tend to come in unisex colours…ie not pretty ones.

Today…we are housebound by weather and lack of car.

Tomorrow is the boy’s first communion…. feels strange that I’ve condoned his immersion in the catholic churh when I refused to have my daughter even christened… something else I conceded to Jane as it was important to her… still… the boy gets to wear a suit tomorrow which he looks fabulous in… so its not all negative.

My sister and family arrive tomorrow for the ‘big event’…so all in all a week of many visits… and a longing to get back to a school week and some serious peace and quiet. 🙂


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