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(un)Lucky tales May 28, 2012

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The boy and Lucky and I were out of the house and walking a nearby river bank before nine  yesterday morning; hoping to get our main walk of the day out of the way before the sun rose too high in a clear blue and cloudless sky.

Lovely walk…foals in a field, paddling in the river, other dogs to play with…oh and rolling in poo. (that last one is Lucky’s forte)…. so home with a stinky dog and all three of us into a shower and then a very soggy disgruntled dog ran downstairs to be let into the garden for a run around and get dry.

As i let him out my neighbour shouted me…and as she shouted I noticed the beeswarm (our second this year) gathered in a chopped down tree a mere 15 ft fro the backdoor….

cue shouting the dog back in….

cue, disgruntled dog ignoring the nasty woman who made him smell of peachy shampoo instead of shit…

cue bees becoming pissed off at dog running around and several dozen leaving the main swarm to see off the intruder.

My neighbour tried shouting the dog to the far end of the garden…and by now he was rolling around on the grass in panic with an ever growing cloud of bees over him.

At this point i realised i wasn’t going to run out and save him…becuase that would be STUPID and I was possibly going to watch my dog get stung to death…

….but with me shouting him (trying to sound like a jolly woman with a treat or two in my pocket -and not like a woman who was terrified her dog was going to die in front of her and her son)…and the boy was shouting him too…

the dog eventually  had the sense to run passed the main swarm back into the house…buzzing and shedding bees as he came.

He ran round and round the house in panic but eventually settled.

No allergic reaction thank goodness… and he seems to have recovered from the excitement.

A local bee man came to collect the swarm… but they’d stayed agitated and as he placed his box on the floor the whole swarm rose around him and set off accross next doors garden… and the next….. and we stood and watched them disappear over the gardens heading west along the river.

This morning… my neighbour knocked on my front door to say don’t let the dog out the back and theres a third smaller swarm gathering on the bush next to my back door. (i believe these smaller swarms are called ‘casts’)…

We’re hunting for a beekeeper as I type….


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