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Spring into summer May 18, 2012

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Our chimney bees swarmed today for the first time this year… last year they swarmed two or three times and it’s quite impressive when they do. They’ve been known to make the sky black.. the traffic stop and the baker to come over and tell me we’ve brought a plague upon the town.

Today they merely made the back garden a no-go zone so I went next door to watch them, tea in hand, see where they decided to settle…. our neighbour a sporadic beekeeper put a bee box down next to the bush they were clustering in in his garden and hopefully the scouts will decide its a better bet than just clinging to a branch.

Then being a sunny day I though i should get out (into the wider) there with the dog and we headed for our local woods… I fancied a spot of dappled shade. It was beautiful…. the tail end of the bluebells giving way to whole glades of ransoms (wild garlic) with its pure white flowers… which i chewed as i walked.

The other sign of spring into summer was a plethora of lesser spotted doggers … the doggers and dog walkers seem to co-exist quite well, its a big wood…. but I’m beginning to suspect either theres a severe shortage of women on the local dogging scene or that its a gay dogging site… i’ve never seen so many middle aged men nonchalently walking sans dogs round a wood in the mid afternoon.

But we were all very British and polite and said ‘good afternoon’ and ‘lovely day’.

I definitely feel picnic weather coming on.


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