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sharing March 18, 2012

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I like sharing…. don’t we all?

The feeling of making someone randomly happy is wonderful or the closeness of sharing something special with someone you love.

I’m not good at sharing when I ‘have’ to share…. it’s important to feel the urge and the more I’m ‘supposed’ to share the more stubborn it makes me.

Today I shared something important… I shared Mothers day… not becuase I had to… but firstly becuase I wanted to to make Jane happy and secondly becuase sharing this day with Jane has made the boy happy.

It’s a sort of feel good day all round (apart from Janes cold and the boy’s earache).

Besides… before any of you get the idea I share well and with total magnanimity I should tell you that as well as a card with a kitten on to ‘mum and mum’ and some daffs and tulips there was also biscuits (decorated with more calories in the form of smarties and marshmallows than you’d think capable of sitting on a biscuit) and a box of chocolates. This means of course that I will get the lions share of the goodies.

The sentiment, I’m happy sharing 50/50. The tangibles…less so. 🙂


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