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ups and downs March 13, 2012

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Spring has most definitely sprung… maybe thats part of the reason I had a real bounce over the weekend just gone. I had a bike ride on the friday… on Saturday I did shedloads of housework and then to trump it all on Sunday I woke up before 8am. I lay there thinking morning thoughts and that it’d be good to go for a wee and then curl back up and sleep for another hour.

But then I realised I had the weirdest feeling… I wanted to get up. The sun was shining… the river at the end of the garden was sparkling…. I suddenly realised it was easier to get up  than to stay in bed. I can’t remember the last time that equation fell that way. To turn over and go back to sleep would have been a fight…. to get up, go and wee and get back in bed -doubley so.

So a quarter past eight found me out in the garden giving the chicken coop  the best clean out its had in the last couple of years. The chickens and I were seriously surprised. Coop clean…new wood shavings in place and Dave settled in to lay me an egg (yes we have gender queer chickens) and the rest of the flock and I went to stand on the river bank to commune with the morning and hail the ducks…. all very wind in the willows… or tales of the riverbank…or something.

Back inside… made some soup (again…something i love doing and havn’t done in yonks) and then Annie and Henry the dog came to visit and we (and the boy) went for a stomp at Hills and Holes… one of my favourite places locally. Its an ex stone quarry which had been quarried sinceRoman times and is now just a vast expanse of…well…. hills and holes, with paths that undulate accross a grassland dotted this time of year with violets.

Such a happy, sunny weekend… I felt like me.

roll on Monday morning…. no energy… aching all over… obviously overdone it..can’t face the day…

by mid-day I’m back in bed…slept away the afternoon.

i’m bad tempered.

the day is grey and drizzly

life is grey and drizzly.

i’ll never have another day like yesterday..i’m sure i’ll never have the energy.

Today… a sort of equilibrium day. It could have gone either way… but I had to get up and make an effort for the radio piece we did and as the day moved on I loosened up both physically and mentally.

How much of it is Spring springing? no idea…. but those days of clarity and sunshine are worth keeping going for.


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