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Enjoyable exposure March 13, 2012

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Jane and I took part in the listening project today it’s a joint initiative with the British Library and BBC local radio.

The nice young man from our local radio compared the project with StoryCorps an American project on a far bigger (well it would be wouldn’t it)? scale. It also has parallels with the mass observation project started in the UK in 1937, the archive of which is held at Sussex University.

But basically its a piece of social history, a series of conversations between two people that will be archived in the British Library and there will be a series of three minute condensements (thats really not a word is it)? which will be aired on BBC radio4.

We had to talk to each other for forty odd minutes and the general gist of it was ‘living with a media tart’ and the inextricability of that with Janes very public transition… but us being us…we bimbled… Jane talked a lot…I interjected.. we both laughed quite a lot and at the end I told her she lost the game. That bit won’t make it onto radio4 I’m sure (shame) but I like the thought that one day someone listening through a dusty archive will chance accross it…

We touched on things as diverse as lesbian poetry, female arch villains, world domination, shakespeare, Michael Palin and the Daily Mail.

It was nice to do something where her transition wasn’t really the focus…. well it was…but only incidentally…sort of.

The only moment of panic in the whole thing was Jane discovering a photograph was involved – I knew… I even had mascara on and a smart jumper… surely that fact should have given her a clue.

And now she’s dashed off to do a photo shoot elsewhere… a far more prescribed thing… the proof of which is clothing flung left right and centre upstairs as she flailed around trying to find the right look.

I think I quite like radio… well… I much prefer it to other mass media.


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