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go give some blood…. March 8, 2012

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…cos they still don’t want mine.

I last gave blood in 1987…or should i say i tried to give blood. They in return told me I had hepatitis B and that they didn’t want it.

Now, having Hep B came as a bit of a shock…. so I did what I always do I read around the subject and then to give my liver some respite I put myself on a semi vegan diet, with plenty of raw food…I also gave up caffeine, alcohol and smoking.

A few months later I was in the Doctors (with an ear infection) and I asked him about my hepatitis. He tested me and I tested negative…. he didn’t think I could have ‘cured’ myself so suggested it more likely the blood transfusion service had made a mistake.

So 25 years later (today) I noticed a blood van down the road so ambled along to see if they wanted a pint of my lovely B+ blood.

Unfortunately on the form I ticked something in my youth i’d obviously ignored… the question ‘have you ever injected drugs’?

Yes… once…when i was 16 my boyfriend asked me to try it and being an absolutel bugger for trying most things once and many things at least twice i did so… and it was good. But not good enough to make into a habit and not interesting enough to do twice… like bottle feeding a baby…injecting drugs is a lot of palaver and paraphenalia for what can be a very simple process.

So on that ground they don’t want my blood today…. the Hepatitis they would test for…its not a total deal killer. Having been tested twice in pregnancy as well as all those years ago I’m 100% certain i’d test negative.

Interestingly the nurse at the blood transfusion service said it’s something that they are pushing to change… after all I don’t ‘have’ anything from my heady drug filled day nearly 30 years ago… in fact my blood now is totally different blood than it was then.

Its taken years for the blood transfusion service to get rid of the stigma of man to man bum sex and it being an automatic block on giving blood, now they only want to know if you’ve had homosexual sex within the last twelve months. This change makes sense because if you have homosexual sex and manage not to catch any of the diseases associated with having unprotected sex then why shouldn’t you give blood?

Putting a blanket ban on donation for taking drugs in the past is another meaningless piece of judgementalism. If you take drugs and manage not to catch any of the diseases associated with taking drugs… why shouldn’t you give blood?

I’ll keep my eyes on donation policy and hopefully it won’t be another twenty five years before I’m able to go back to give some blood and claim my free tea and biscuit along with everyone else.


2 Responses to “go give some blood….”

  1. Lucy Melford Says:

    I’ve never been keen to donate blood, I’m afraid, not fancying the feeling of life ebbing out of me, and consequent exhaustion, in return for the tea and biscuit you mention. Plus, when at work there was considerable ethical pressure to donate, almost a guilt thing in certain offices, and I simply don’t respond well to blackmail however lightly applied. I obstinately stayed away. And I would still shake my head if a hard sell were unleashed onto me. Like being asked in Brighton recently by a charity worker, ‘Do you love animals?’ No, not a lot, unless succulent and cooked to perfection.

    In 2011 I learned that my blood group was A Rhesus, with a D positive antibody, which isn’t rare. I’m sure however that a few pints of it would be appreciated now and then. But then there’s the problem of how it’s used. It’s a bit like paying taxes: a jolly Good Thing, provided the cash isn’t wasted on items like inflated MPs’ expense accounts andthe odd war. I haven’t taken any Hippocratic Oath to save all lives regardless, and so I’d be miffed if my blood kept some vicious lowlife scumbag going after wounding in a knife fight. I’d prefer to squirt it in the direction of a children’s hospital – but then you don’t get the choice of where it goes, do you?

    Capping all these feeble objections is the fact that the cocktail of medication I take daily has obviously become complex, and I wonder whether they’d really want my tainted arterial fluids.


    • eclectic chicken Says:

      When they rejected me today i tried to persuade jane to go in my place but she’s terrified of needles 🙂

      I always think of giving blood as one of those ‘what goes around, comes around’ things…. I’ve never had a transfusion but I was jolly close to needing one after giving birth as I had a postpartum hemorrhage… its something we all may need at some point and so its something we should all consider doing if we can.
      I know what you mean about the emotional heavy sell though…tends to make me dig my heels in too.

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