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was: ‘ladies, gentlemen and nonbinary persons’. Now: ‘gender spectrum dwellers all’ March 7, 2012

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…but mostly the nonbinary people….

i got used to the whole debate around trans and cis… how trans ‘others’ trans ladies, trans men and trans nonbinary people.

oh… i think my head just exploded already.

basically… ‘trans’ others those who are not ‘normal’ (or cis as the trans world has decided to call the gender stationary majority)

So why does nonbinary not ‘other’ those who are erm…not binary? If it does is this considered not a bad thing becuase as any fule knows nonbinary is actually the majority they just don’t accept it yet?

Come the gender identity revolution there will still be people who would prefer to stand at each end of the gender identity spectrum and use the lables ‘men’ and ‘women’…. so what will all the people elsewhere on the spectrum be? I guess just people… and those at either end ‘binary people’…except that would ‘other’ them.

Is this just like feminism where its not really about being equal but about changing ends and the oppressor becoming the oppressed?

is ‘othering’ really a bad thing…. in a world where difference is celebrated as opposed to villified it wouldn’t be… but i guess its a process -time spent wearing the victim hat becuase of difference… expecting and courting negative response.

That then changes to a point where difference becomes something to be proud of….becuase the difference is mostly accepted.

different good…. too different not good.

it’s all so complicated

i wish people would just get on with being people and stop dividing and subdividing minority groups to claim their own square inch of masochistic otherness…. it quite spoils my afternoon.


2 Responses to “was: ‘ladies, gentlemen and nonbinary persons’. Now: ‘gender spectrum dwellers all’”

  1. Lucy Melford Says:

    Hear, hear. It spoils my day too.

    All these odd terms…what does ‘cis’ stand for anyway? Is it derived from CIS, an acronym for ‘Contemptable Ignorant Sods’? Probably not. But I don’t know anybody who uses this term in ordinary speech, certainly not people whom I’m guessing must be the cisses.

    Back in 1789, in Revolutionary France, we would all have simply been ‘Citizens’. Ah, Citizen Chicken, how many aristos have you guillotined today? Or in 1917, in Revolutionary Russia, we would all have simply been ‘Comrades’. Ah, Comrade Chicken, what is your five-year plan?

    Easy: none of this ‘men and women’ nonsense.

    Incidentally, the phrase ‘Gender Binary’ sounds too mathematical or astronomical by far. A bit of pseudo-science.


  2. eclectic chicken Says:

    cis…i believe Lucy is a the opposite of trans…
    It has two uses…one in conversation about gender as short hand for ‘those assigned a gender at birth that thay are happy with’ -which is actually quite useful.
    the other use is as an insult by some trans people… its used quite often as a put down and insult (as in what do you know you’re cis gendered and shouldn’t be taking part in this discussion anyway).

    personally i’ve speeded up the process and have recalimed the word and use it in a self depreciating way with a soupçon of irony as someone who really does think we’re all gender spectrum dwellers and the whole cis/trans thing is a symptom of a broken and corrupt gender identity model. Or something.

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