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Local rag does bad March 3, 2012

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The Sentinel newspaper carried a review of the documentary we are in… the Sentinel is staffs based but sells its paper copies certainly up into Cheshire where my family live.

I’m not going to copy the whole article here….I don’t need to becuase most of it. along with much modern journalism is merely cut and pasted from publicity issued from ITV.

I’ll just reproduce here the parts the columist John Woodhouse made up himself.

  Regarding having ones unmentionable man bits cut off:

“No, that’s why there’s always a picture with a cross through it on a box of secateurs.”

As a general precis of the documentary:

“My Dad Is A Woman examined the emotional fallout of the man of the house’s decision to change sex – what’s it like for their partner, when do they tell the children, and who’s going to put the bins out now?”

On gender dysphoria [i can only imagine he means this Betty Stove]

“otherwise known as Betty Stove syndrome”. 

On Michelle’s father discovering her transgender status by accident (Michelle was the other trans woman in the documentary) 
“wondering why Judith Chalmers had opened the door.”
On the lack of fathers/mothers day cards for trans parents

“Although if you root around there’s quite a few for cross-dressing MPs.”

On Tash’s emotional turmoil around her dad’s transition mr Woodhouse adds to Tash’s mature thoughtfulness

“Being a dad is a role,” she says, “not a gender.”“Yes, as a dad you can be walked over whether you’re a man or woman.”

On gender reassignment surgery

“It’s slightly more complicated than having a troublesome pimple lasered.”

On the huge undertaking and many processes that make up physical transition

 “Of course, if you’re preferred look is Big Mo from EastEnders then it’s much simpler”.

On regrets

“The last thing you want is to go under the knife and then realise you in fact want to be a hod carrier on a building site.”

and one final ignorant swipe as he leaves…

“No. Once it’s in the jar on the mantelpiece that’s it.”

I’m not exactly offended… its kinda surreal in parts… I have to assume the pressure of being the Sentinals “most hilarious” columist just made him blow a gasket, turn to mind altering drugs and hand over the adaption of the press release to a pot headed pixie called Steve. If thats not the case I’d like to know why anyone who writes this badly, with such ignorance and with such underlying venom is writing anything that gets printed on paper and touted round the potteries and environs.

Of course as someone not actually in that article I can only complain to the Press Complaints Committee on grounds of accuracy…. but I do happen to know a woman who is in this article who I hope will have fun finding just how many catagories of complaint she can muster.

Over to you Jane



2 Responses to “Local rag does bad”

  1. Lucy Melford Says:

    Sigh. It’s so cheap and nasty, and as ‘humour’ so forced – although as I cherish a reputation for not having any sense of humour at all, I probably don’t get the big laugh. Still, I can hardly believe that any of these silly remarks could actually raise a snigger in a reader, not unless they were pretty subhuman.

    I hope Jane has a field day with this.

  2. K Says:

    What an utterly pathetic and disgraceful response to the documentary; immature and shameful.

    Well done all of you for sharing.

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