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wife? March 2, 2012

Filed under: trans stuff — eclectic chicken @ 8:49 pm

no…. not wife.

I never describe myself as such…nor identify as such…nor does my partner Jane ever describe me as such.

(though we could use fiance i guess if we felt so inclined)

but interesting its been used repeatedly over the last few days.

How can we as a society handle something as complex as gender identity with all its subtleties when we still assume that a woman who lives with someone, loves and supports them MUST be a wife.


2 Responses to “wife?”

  1. Sophie Says:

    and, of course it’s *you* they’re calling the wife.

  2. philscorzonera Says:

    We handle ‘things’ as individuals, not as a society, and education, leading to the awareness of the individual, is paramount. I’ve had this discussion/argument with a course leader recently. My family ‘raised’ me in a way that should have left me floundering in the swamp of nationalist/racist/fascist dead end-ism. But I chose something else. Not train spotting, but an enquiring, seeking, ever expanding intellect. I hope.

    As long as the ‘family’ is thrust upon us as the building block of all harmony, we are lost. By ‘family’ I mean the caricature nuclear family, of course. It will always disappoint, damage and restrict, whereas your family, Andrea & Jane, at least offers an opportunity for growth, exploration and tolerance. Isn’t that the better option?

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