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Move along…no sensationalism here. February 29, 2012

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The documentary is tomorrow night at 10.35pm on ITV1

“Transgendered people are vastly misunderstood by most of society, often ridiculed and reduced to sex-change stereotyping. My Dad is a Woman looks at the transition of journalist Jane Fae and Michelle, who was once Michael. There’s some pretty upfront shots of the gender reassignment surgery, but the two women show how transition is much more than taking hormones and going under the knife, while their partners and children discuss the impact of transition on their own lives. This a refreshingly honest and unsensationalised look at the issues around this difficult topic.”

Louise Bolotin

“Despite its title, My Dad Is A Woman is not particularly sensationalist. It’s quiet, considered, could arguably say more, but says more than I’ve certainly seen on television before about living as a transgender woman and how it affects her family.”

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“Ultimately, however, the film created the image of nice people behaving decently. Partners are stoic and supportive; teenage children roll their eyes but are tolerant; the older generation of parents say they just want their sons to be happy. It is a study in making the most of a dificult situation and, despite some unanswered questions, doing it extremely well’.

Sunday Times -Culture section


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