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coincidence February 28, 2012

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I went for my first cbt session today…. its been a long time in coming. So long there have been times when i thought i wouldn’t need it and then other times when i knew i definitely do need something. On the whole i think its a good thing for me to do, to help me move on with tiny wee baby steps and without overloading.

But anyway….i’m not going to spill my psychological angst today. What goes on IN cbt…stays in cbt and the first rule of cbt is its all my mothers fault 🙂

What i just wanted to share was a coincidence…i like coincidences, overlaps, connections… in the waiting room was an annual report for some nhs trust research thingy.. not the sort of thing i’d normally read but it was a choice of leaflets about depression, watching morning tv or the annual report.

When I got to the members of said reseach committee…group…whatever they are… there was a picture of an old friend of mine… the person i moved to Nottingham to be with back in the mid eighties… an action half an hour later I would be talking about ‘in session’ as the earliest memory i have of having panic attacks.


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